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Welcome to the library!

Our library is situated near the school office and large windows give shady and green views of the back of the school.
The library has a collection of over 5000 books. They range from the funniest novel to the always interesting reference materials.  The Premiers Reading Challenge is a terrific encouragement for students to read a wide and varied range of books. This is a very positive move for both library and students.

The library is open Mondays and Tuesdays.As you know, the library borrowing scheme is a free service for all students and staff belonging to the school. It is important that books are looked after and that they are returned on time to the library. This helps ensure that the whole school can continue to enjoy the resources. It is school policy for students to use sturdy, cloth library bags to transport books to and from the school. This policy helps to save the books from having squashed banana, drinks, and other destructive forces ruining the stock.
Life is not always perfect and if anything untoward does happen, please feel free to write a note or come in and see me. It is school policy for parents to pay for lost and destroyed books.

The library is always open for students and teachers.

Be it for researching interesting topics, teaching or just relaxing in a quiet environment. In addition, the library is available to students at lunchtime. It is an opportunity to play table games, draw pictures (we end up with a wall of masterpieces!), read quietly, and just have a friendly chat with friends. The library is supervised by the teacher/librarian and library monitors at this time.

Our Year 6 library monitors are invaluable! It is a pleasure to have such wonderful and enthusiastic workers in the library. The monitors help with the daily library organisation which includes:
  • Sorting and shelving books,
  • Covering new books,
  • Finding resources for teachers and students,
  • Helping with lunchtime supervision, and;
  • Organising games for the other students.
They also assist in training the Year 5 students who wish to take on the role as library monitors when they are in Year 6. It is a wonderful opportunity for the students to gain leadership skills as well as library skills.

I wish to say a very big THANK YOU to all the parents and carers who have encouraged a ‘love of reading and learning' in the students. Thank you also to the wonderful students of this school who are keen learners and a pleasure to be around.

Jenny Saville

Teacher / Librarian