Glendale East Public School

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Telephone02 4954 9551

School Office

Office hours: Monday – Friday - 8:30am – 3:30pm. 

School Administration Manager - Michelle Gorman

School Administration Officer - Vikki Odgers, Natalie Hartley, Bronwyn Spurr

Email –

Website –

School Volunteers – If you wish to volunteer in your child/s class or in the canteen. Please sign in at the school office with the QR code and please complete all the relevant paperwork if needed.

  • Notes sent home - Copies of notes sent home are uploaded to our school website and seesaw.
  • Voluntary School Fee – Our voluntary school fee remains at $50.00 per student for the entire year. Payment can be made online via our website.  

  • Student belongings - Please ensure all your child’s belonging are properly and clearly labelled. Lost property is in a box out the front of the kindergarten rooms.  

  • School Hats - We cannot provide spare hats to children if they are lost or left at home. If a child does not have their hat they are to play in the designated undercover area, so please remember to bring your school hat each day. School hats can be purchased at the office for $13.00 cash only. 

  • Emergency contacts – It is important that the school office has up to date contact details for parents, carers, and emergency contacts. If you need to update your details, please email the school at so we can amend these changes in our system.  

  • Student and Family information 2022 – Please remember to hand back your 2022 consent forms that were handed to students at the beginning of the year. Marking your preferences re walking excursions, PG rated movies, computer lessons, scripture, and permission to publish. 

  • Early/Late - If you are dropping off your child or picking them up early, please make sure you come into our office and speak to our staff to sign in/check out.  

  • Contacting Teachers or Staff - If you need to you contact your child’s teacher or a staff member, the most effective method is via our school email address. - Please attention the email to the teacher or staff member and include your child’s name and your best contact number. 

  • Payments - Making a payment online (preferred method is online payments)  

It is possible to make your parent online payment via a secure payment page, where possible parents are encouraged to pay for excursions on the parent online portal.  

 Steps as follows:  

· Go to Glendale East Public School webpage at –  

· Select Make a Payment (found on the top of the front page of the webpage)  

· Enter all areas marked with a * Asterix only 

· Write this reference number once payment is made on the permission note.   

  • Medication – If medication is required during school hours, then it must be approved by the school principal.  

Parent/ Carer must complete a medication form if a child requires specific medication or ongoing health management. A letter from the prescribing doctor is required and all medication must be properly labelled by pharmacist.  

  • Notifying of absences – If your child is going to be away, you are welcome to call our office to let us know/message teacher on their class platform, alternatively a text message is sent out at 10:00 am each day that you can reply to free of charge, and we can amend their absence in our system.